The term of this agreement shall be contractual at 6 (six) months and will roll over into month to month not to exceed 12 months. If the client decides to cancel the monthly credit counseling program at any time during the contract, a written request must be sent to Payton Credit Services at During the cancellation process , the client will allow 7 days for processing.


Payton Credit Services has a 60 day guarantee.  If Payton Credit Services has worked on your file and received positive results, or if you have obtained any negatively reporting items such new inquiries, new collections, new late payments, new charge offs, new bankruptcies, new judgments, new tax liens, any new derogatory item,  then no refund will be granted. An example of a positive result could be a deleted item, corrected item, reduction of late payment reporting  or increase in credit score. Payton Credit Services can at any time end the contract in writing if we conclude that no further work is necessary or the client did not adhere to their client responsibilities.

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