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Credit repair program

Is Credit repair Legal?

Yes,Credit repair is legal. We are licensed and insured with the State of Delaware.

Is there a money back gaurentee?

Although, We want our clients to be happy with the services they receive, we do nto have a money back gaurentee. Please review our Consumer Net Impression.

What kind of results can I expect?

We have been successful with the removal of repossesions, student loans, medical bills, judgments, tax liens, late credit card payments, inquiries, old or incorrect addresses and names.

How long does the process take?

Although our contract is 6 months, most clients see results within 45 days of enrollment

Why should I use Payton Credit Services for Credit Repair instead of doing it myself?

Most individuals use our services because they have tried and had little success on thier own or are tired of working with companies that jsut steal your money. We have been helping clients improve thier credit since 2011. Clients also find value in the monthly credit counseling sessions that are provided with our Certified Credit Counselors.

How do I get updates on my case?

As a client, you will have unlimited access to your credit resotration portal. This portal will allo you to see the following:

  • status updates for credit disputes
  • updated credit scores
  • updated credit disputes
  • document uploads and more!
You will also receive copies of the credit disputes summaries from the credit bureaus on a monthly basis to your home.

Are you a debt management or debt settlement company?

Negative! We do not negotiate a lower payment on your current or past due debts, call your lenders or collect payments from you to send to lenders on your behalf. We will educate you with the skills and knowledge so that you will have the confidence to respond to the collectors and eliminate or reduce collection calls.

What does the credit audit include?

This one-time, non-refundable fee is $149 per person and is not charge until after you receive your Credit analysis and link to schedule your one on one credit counseling session. Once it is paid you will be charged the monthly fee for services 30 days after the fee is paid. For example if you start services on January 1, the audit fee will be charged and then 30 days later on February 1st the first payment for the month will be charged. Audit Fee Covers: Personalized report with action plan for your credit growth 30 Min Credit Counseling Session Credit repair portal access for 30 days Paperwork processing

Credit Builders

How can I build credit if I have none?

You can begin to build credit with the use of a secured credit loan. A secured credit account allows you to take on the risk of borrowing by borrowing against your own money. When you apply for the loan you will deposit the amount of the credit limit. For instance if you would like a $200 credit limit, you would deposit $200 into a savings account as a security for the loan. The money will stay in a savings account during that time and can be refunded to you if you pay you bill on time. You can learn more at our credit resources page

What is the difference between secure and unsecure credit?

Secured credit is a line of credit that you have secured with your own money. Meaning you had to contribute something usually money to obtain the line of credit. These accounts are excellent for those wishing to establish or rebuild credit. Unsecured credit is a line of credit that is given to you without the need of collateral or your own money. These accounts are usually given to you based on positive payment history. Secured credit line=putting up your own money to get credit line Unsecured credit line=not putting up your own money credit line.

Does zero interest mean no payment?

No. If you get a zero intersted card it means you will not have to pay back more than you borrowed. You still have to pay it.

What is Interest?

Interest is the amount of money that is paid to a lender for borrowing money or the cost of borrowing money. An example of this is if you borrow $1 from a freind, and they want you to pay back $1.20, the $.20 is the interst or the cost to borrow the money.

Where can I go to build credit?

We have a link that offers different products to help you establish, rebuild or use to increase your credit. You can learn more at Credit resources!

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