Frequently asked questions

Credit repair program

Is Credit repair Legal?

Yes,Credit repair is legal. We are licensed and bonded with the State of Delaware.

Is there a money back gaurentee?

Although, We want our clients to be happy with the services they receive, we do not have a money back gaurentee. Please review our Consumer Net Impression.

What kind of results can I expect?

We have been successful with the removal of repossesions, student loans, medical bills, judgments, tax liens, late credit card payments, inquiries, old or incorrect addresses and names.

How long does the process take?

On average the most success clients can expect to be in the program from 3-9 months.

Why should I use Payton Credit Services for Credit Repair instead of doing it myself?

It will save you time, money and enery. We look at credit reports all day long. I like to use this analogy, You can paint your home but it may not look as good as a professional painter. ame goes for credit. Yes you can repair it yourself but we are trained to spot the inaccuracies that have caused your credi issues.

Do I have to do alot to get my credit repaired?

No. All we ask is that you adhere to the agreement.

Are you a debt management or debt settlement company?

Negative! We do not negotiate a lower payment on your current or past due debts, call your lenders or collect payments from you to send to lenders on your behalf. We will educate you with honest and ethics. We hope to never see you again for credit repair:)

What does the credit audit include?

All initital sign up sees are explained and account for in our learn more video at If you have a bout 5-6 mins head over and give it a listen. It will break everything down for you.

Is there a contract?

All of our plans are month to month but do require an explanation of services agreement to be signed.