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Credit Resources

Rebuilding credit doesn't have to be hard. You could get every incorrect item on your credit deleted, but if you don't have positive tradelines or credit accounts, nothing will come of it.
Some credit tips to remember:
  • Keep your credit balance below 30% of the limit 
  • Try not to borrow more than you can pay back in a month
  • Be sure to pay your credit card bill early or on-time
BUILD YOUR CREDIT FAST with three to five positive credit lines and a Savings account credit-builder account!

Credit Monitoring


With our preferred credit monitoring provider, you will have access to

  • your credit report and scores every 30 days

  • $25,000 of Identity Theft Insurance

  • Real-time changes to your credit report


Stay ahead of the game and monitor your credit today!


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Savings account credit builders

Savings account credit builders are a great way to save money for a down payment for a home, car or vacation without the risk of dipping in. This type of account allows you to save money while reporting the payment to your credit. How great is that? Once you are all done saving you get what you saved plus interest. 


Secured Credit Cards

A Secured credit card is a credit card that requires the borrower to secure the credit limit with their own money. That money is held in a savings account until you prove that you can use credit properly. You are securing the credit limit with collateral. For example, if you are approved for a secured card and most people are, you would put $200 into a savings account. That deposit of $200 becomes your credit limit! You would not be able to use the money to pay the bill but would receive it back after you prove you can handle the card. 
Secured credit cards, like Credit builder card,are an excellent way to rebuild credit. They can be used like a regular unsecured card after the deposit is made. 
Credit Cards

(coming Soon)

Fixing your credit can seem scary when you are going it alone. It's even worse when you are sued. Most states have a statue of limitation on the time they will allow a collector to collect on a debt. 
If you have concerns over being sued or feel legal documents are hard to read than you need an attorney on you side. 
They can help with a variety of areas such as real estate, will preparation, traffic violation and uncontested divorces just to name a few. Learn more by clicking the image.
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