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The term of the credit repair programs are month to month and will be canceled when the client provides notice in writing. If the client decides to cancel the monthly credit counseling program at any time during the contract, a written request must be sent to Payton Credit Services at During the cancellation process, the client will allow 15 days for processing.


Payton Credit Services does not have any guarantee as there is not any way to guarantee any specific results.  We are a comprehensive credit repair company and we focus on credit correction, education, and credit building. We expect you to participate in all steps of the program. Failure to do so may result in a negative experience. This program works if you do. Being that we can not guarantee your performance, we can not guarantee any results. 

As long as you are a paying client, we do promise to provide you with access to your client portal, credit education, access to monthly client check-in links and any other contracted services. 

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